Thursday, May 7, 2009

Road Trip

I'm on a rare road trip by myself, headed to Washington, DC to pick up Bekah (and her stuff) from college. I left home early yesterday morning, and driving south I couldn't help but notice and enjoy the progression of the season in roadside trees and blooms. From the barest, most delicate early spring green froth and frills in Maine to the almost mature leaves and late spring blooms of dogwood and woodland wildflowers in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania where I spent the night. If I had remembered to bring the download cable for Anna's camera, which she graciously let me borrow, I could even post photos on the way. 

But honestly, I often forget to take photos. I notice things in abundance but rarely think to get the camera out. More often I take mental notes, even drawing or painting mental notes--trying to remember a juxtaposition of colors, or the pattern of leaves and tree trunks, or some other odd shape that catches my eye. Sometimes--though not when I'm driving, I assure you!--I get out my small traveling sketchbook and draw something.

This morning before I head south to DC I am going to visit the Brandywine River Museum, home of lots of Wyeth paintings of at least three generations: N.C., Andrew, Jamie, and assorted other siblings, cousins, in-laws, friends. 

More later. Remind me to tell you about my conversations with my traveling companion, GPS Lady, on loan from a friend (thanks, Ellie!).

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