Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Morning

Really, this isn't an image of a May morning, but today is a May morning. This is a collage from origami paper that I did several days ago (way back in April!) after a walk at the beach. But it's not really of the beach. It kind of evolved from a sketch of a big, thick quahog shell (I can't tell you how many ways I tried spelling quahog before I found it in the on-line dictionary!). But it's not really a "portrait" of the shell.

Actually, I intended to blog on April 30 in honor of my mother's 90th birthday. And then I thought maybe I'd do it on May Day, just a day late and a wonderful day it its own right (and one that reminds me of our family's trip to Ireland six years ago, which included May Day, or Bealtaine in the Celtic calendar--Bealtaine may mean something like "bright fire," referring to the sun, I believe, and I see a certain unintended fire/flame-like aspect to my collage. Cool!). 

But as you can see, it's now May 2. Anyway, here's an image for the second morning in May.

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