Friday, May 15, 2009

Reality Bites

Well, there I was sitting on the back step blogging rapturously about spring, and my dog caught and killed a chipmunk. Just like that.

I don't think he "meant to"--I think he so enthusiastically grabbed in his jaws the not-so-bright chipmunk, and that was that. A far faster and more merciful death than a cat might inflict, although with cats (and well-timed human intervention) the chipmunk sometimes manages to get away and live.

So, there we are. A bite of reality about the bite of reality. Poor unsuspecting chipmunk. Not sure why he/she kept making so much of noise calling attention to his/her whereabouts. That's what got Digory interested. 

I think Digory was kind of mystified by the whole thing--he set the chippie down on the ground, witnessed its last dying twitches, and then really didn't seem to know what to do. Just kind of sat there by its side, a little hang-dogish. I trust his Corgi-psyche won't be wracked by self-recrimination or shame. He is still and always, fully and only a dog, after all.

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Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh, I know the feeling of this one. I remember the first time my cat came in with a mouse he'd caught from outside. I was horrified that my precious little one had done such a murderous thing. So hard for us to remember they are animals after all.