Thursday, March 5, 2009

Philosopher Dog/Artist Dog

Digory has tramped out a perfect question mark in the snow. He went out around some object, or just because he felt like it, curved around, then stopped and retraced his steps. The only thing missing is the dot at the bottom. 

I wonder what his question is. Something tells me it's not about the existence of g.o.d. (which reminds me of the one about the dyslexic atheist, who didn't believe in the existence of dog, ha ha!). 

Or maybe he's not a philosopher dog at all, but an artist dog who likes making cool curves in the snow. He also likes rolling on his back in snow, and  also endlessly cooling and cleaning his muzzle in it, pushing himself along like a plow with his thick stumpy forepaws folded back at the "wrists" while his head makes small rocking movements to get the snow sensation on every last itchy inch. Dog bliss in winter.

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