Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Linking makes the world more fun

I actually started this post in a totally different way and then realized it hadn't worked--in particular, my attempt to include someone else's on line article flopped. So I'm starting over and doing just this: giving some links to a few other people's blogs. Clearly I have lots more to learn about cybertechnics.

First, here are two newer blogs by people I know and love: 

"Distant Temple Bell" at (just launched by my husband, David Heald).

And "Cosmicity!" at (a couple of weeks old, by my dear loud-laughing librarian friend Sarah Dorsey). Check 'em out!

And here are two blogs of artist friends with whom I spent some wonderful workshop hours last week.

I hope you enjoy them. And meanwhile, I'll be back soon with another post of my own.

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