Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Up and Running

I believe it was some time in February or March when I first sat down with Ren Wilkinson of Ivy Lane Web Design to discuss creating a website. All I know for sure is that it was still winter, and there was still snow on the ground (any maybe it even started to snow again while I was there).

Ren was clear from the start that the process would be collaborative, that I was the artist and he the tech guy, and together we would create the kind of website I wanted. (Or, as his website puts it: "You are the artist. I am your tool. Use me.")

So here we are, a few months later, and I'm delighted to announce the launching of my very own, brand-spanking-new website, called--of all things--Sukie Curtis! It includes a gallery of some of my paintings, some of which are for sale, and a link to my blog (the one you are reading now), and a little bit about me, and ways of contacting me.

I hope you'll check it out and enjoy visiting it and that you'll spread the word (and the URL) to friends and family who might be interested.

So, thanks, Ren! And thanks, supportive friends, family, and visitors!


David Heald said...

Very nice website and a great collaborative effort.

Sukie Curtis said...

Thanks, Dave. And congrats on having your blog mentioned by "History Carnival"--is that the name?