Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scapes of the Day

A little over two years ago, on June 1, 2007 to be exact, I was inspired by Elizabeth Perry's blog called "Woolgathering" (visit it and you will see why) to start a daily drawing practice. I started with a very small sketchbook, so there wouldn't be any BIG expectations. Just that I would do my best to draw at least one thing every day.

Unlike Liz Perry, I didn't choose to start a blog and post a drawing every day. Her faithfulness to that truly amazes and delights me. She's been doing this for more than four years, I believe. And I don't think she has missed a day!

I knew that I didn't want to worry about my drawings being seen right away. No concerns about an "audience" or who likes what or doesn't like what. Every now and then I have shown certain drawings and occasionally a whole sketchbook to a few people.

Again and again since June 1, 2007 I've realized what a truly revolutionary and regenerative thing it is for me to draw on a regular basis. Especially when I do it so frequently--it's best when I do it every day, though I confess to there being stretches when I forget or take a break--that it's just something I do. And something I do primarily for myself and my own enjoyment, only secondarily for public viewing.

Drawing regularly, with little pressure to impress anyone or to produce anything in particular, helps me to be more playful and more creative in other areas. And some days I look at what I've just drawn and I am totally enraptured by it! Like a mother whose young child has just brought her a drawing, even if a mere scribble, and she (the mother) is filled with love and joy and gratitude for this creative offering. As corny as it may sound, I guess I'd have to say that in those moments drawing allows me to be both the child and the mother!

For a whole bunch of reasons I now feel more ready to post more drawings more frequently. Not every day, mind you! But when I feel like it, have managed to get a good photo (that is often the step that bogs me down), and then just do it.

This drawing of garlic scapes was done last year. More to come!

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Sarah said...

Can't escape the scapes! Thanks so much!! Looking forward to more drawings!