Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There are limits to what one person can do, and at the moment my limits seem to be in the realm of taking the photos of my paintings to get into the blog. It's just one thing that doesn't seem to come easily for me: either too much time passes since I last used David's too complicated digital camera, and I can't remember or figure out something important. It even happens with Anna's very simple camera. 

Today I had hoped to post a photo of a sketch of a wad of money that I found the other day, along with a story, but I can't seem to get a photo. That'll have to wait. 

But, since I'm on the topic of limits, I'll post a photo of one of my paintings of our backyard fence. It's a limit of sorts (although after a section got blown down in the wind the other night, it's an even more permeable boundary than before). Sometimes I ignore it completely and paint the trees beyond as if it weren't even there.


Sarah said...

So you can't do this thing that you did...(post a photo). Hmmm, limits? There are deep layers to this post...I have to go meditate on it...thanks!

Sukie Curtis said...

Well, it was really the taking of the photos to be posted that was stumping me yesterday...but you do have a point there! Clearly I managed to do that at least once!