Monday, October 13, 2008

Early September. How different the light in the trees is now. When the sun's out, the light is as sharp as it comes, clear and piercing. And then there's the light diffused through yellow, ochre, and orange foliage.

For some reason I remember walking through yellow leaves in college (Trinity, in Hartford), pushing my feet through them, savoring the sound while also marveling at how much light radiated upward from the fallen leaves. As if there were two primary sources of light, one up, one down, and it was hard to decide which one I liked better.


Sarah said...

Totally love the painting and de light coming from all around!


Julia said...

Suki - I look forward to seeing more of your artistic creations.I love the feel of this one. said...

The first time I saw the image on your blog banner I distinctly saw clouds. Today, it was angel wings...delightful!

smwmaine said...

I love your art, Sukie! I hope that you will allow me to view it in person as well.

Congratulations on your blog - thank you for including me.

Peace, smw