Friday, September 26, 2008

Harder than it sounds

I'm starting over, for the second or third time. To blog, that is. I'm hoping that in the intervening months since my last blogging attempt my voice has gotten stronger and clearer, which is to say that my vision has gotten stronger and clearer. Which doesn't mean that it's all clear all the time by any stretch of the imagination.

So...about the title that I plunked in the rectangular box on the posting page: "Harder than it sounds." I meant that "trusting delight" is harder than it sounds, and so is blogging, really, or else I might have stayed with it longer the first time. What was hard for me then was simply blogging, simply saying what I felt like saying without thinking in some way of my "audience." I think that comes from having regularly  and predominantly and for twenty-two years written stuff that was designed to be spoken to a live "audience" (aka, congregation) and always having them in mind, even particular people--imagining how they would hear or receive what I wanted to say, and sometimes of course changing what I wanted to say because of my imaginings. 

This time, without pretending that I will never even think about who might be reading this, I am going to try not to, to try instead simply to put down what seems to want to be put down.

And trusting delight will be a recurring theme, sometimes overt and always somewhere in the background. More on that soon.


Cori Lynn Berg said...


I know that is has been so many months since you wrote this, but it really speaks to me as well. I've worked a lot in churches as well, also am the daughter of a minister. I'm used to writing for newsletters, etc. And you're correct, in order to be true to this medium, you can't be contrived. I myself struggle with how personal it is and yet that is what really draws the reader in.
I'm having fun reading through your posts. I went to a very liberal seminary, studying religion and the arts, and am intrigued by your profile!

Anonymous said...