Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Different View

I've had some paintings hanging at a local Starbucks (on the corner of Exchange and Middle Streets in Portland--Maine, that is) for most of May, and I've been working on more to put there in June. The guest artwork hangs on a wall that's just beyond the counter where special coffees and hot chocolates get picked up, and also where one turns to get to the restrooms, so although they are a long way from the entrance to the shop, they do get seen.

A couple of weeks ago while driving by, Anna and I noticed that, due to the layout of the shop and the placement of windows relative to the street, you can actually see two of my paintings when you are stopped at the stop sign on Middle Street at Exchange if you're headed toward the East End. It was quite fun to look in and see my favorite painting from our car!

Even better, David told me that on his way by one day last week, not only did he look over and see my art, but he also noticed a man standing squarely in front of my favorite, the largest one there and the image included in this blog, gazing intently at it. (Unless of course he was standing facing the wall with his eyes closed.)

Image: "Lilies and Books", c. 2010, Sukie Curtis, 24x24", oil on canvas

That made my day. And there have been odd moments on other days when I've remembered the unidentified gazer. I will probably never know who he was or what he was thinking, but I'm glad that someone felt drawn to stand and gaze.

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